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Union of Network Marketing and the Internet

John Milton Fogg, author of "The Greatest Networker in the World", and chief editor of "Upline", said: "The Internet and Network Narketing today are the Wave of the Future!" There is no more powerful combination to build a business than "marriage" of high technologies and close contacts. Why? Because it gives you chance to better and greater use one thing that no one has more than others — time!".

XXI century — the age of high technologies. And, whether we like it or not, but the World Web is an increasingly it's strong presence in our lives. Including in our business. About 10 years ago distributors, who are using the Internet in the business, you could count only a few dozen, and network marketing sites you could count on the fingers of one hand, today the picture has changed dramatically. Today hundreds and hundreds of networkers have their own web representation. General Industry web sites opening one after another.

Networkers began to realize benefits that give them high-tech. They began to realize that the Internet is a powerful tool for making business, whose potential has not been fully realized. Until recently the Internet appeared for many as a "terrible beast". But networkers with their big business experience through forming close relationships can (and already do) to tame Internet and make it obedient and reliable friend, turning hardware and software into spiritual tools that inspired relationships. In place of technophobia come new technological ways of building long-term friendships and partnerships.

Union of Network Marketing and the Internet — is an inevitable trend, incredible tool to transform our industry, and it allow for an average person achieve extraordinary results. And this is not some "distant future". This is today reality. Our level of IT-development now allows you to successfully do business through the Internet. And today's world there are pioneers who first set foot on "terra incognito" and can share their experiences with those who go after them. There are already many network companies that use in their work methods and technologies of New Wave business.

The concept of network marketing as an "information business" provide a possibility of building networks by using Internet technologies. This is, indeed, a very effective and simple method that allows you to fully take advantage of the Internet as a mass media tool — with all it's interactivity, power of multimedia and, of course, possibilitity to covering a wide audience from different countries and focus on the election of specific target market.

"Networkers now is one of the few groups that truly successful conduct commercial business in the Internet, — noted back in 1996 John Milton Fogg. — There is a considerable number of those who created an organization from 1500 and even 2000 distributors exclusively via the Internet". If is was true in 1996, then this is even more true today, and only gained in immeasurably larger scale. "Networkers do not bypass chance to pay attention to innovation. In the future, the Internet component of network marketing will be only expand. Network Distributors — are masters of penetration in consumer cocoon, and in fact a huge number of "Cocooning people" spend their time today mainly in the the Internet. And the network marketing professionals are well aware of openings opportunities".

Reasons and benefits of using the Internet in Network Marketing

  • Reducing the cost of doing business. Due to the Internet, you do not need to spend money on sending materials by mail (including the cost of materials themselves). You can save money on printing materials, because everything placed on your site, and you do not need to invest additional funds in recruiting materials. If you require upgrade or change something in materials, then you can update the information quickly and with minimal cost.

  • Automatization and freedom from routine work. Let the Internet do most of your work. No need to waste your time to answer the candidates questions or to explain difficult aspects of your business (for example, compensation plan). All you need to do — just send a candidate to particular page on your site, where he/she will be able to get an answer on his/her question at any time. You will have more time for planning and creativity. Do not waste your time on routine work — delegate this to your site.

  • Accelerating process of building and development your organization. Internet works much faster than phone calls and ordinary mail. Also, due to using more channels of perception help more effectively spend time on attracting people to view your Web presentation, than trying to talk about business over phone.

  • You will be able to structure a system of enrolling process. Through the Internet much easier to inform potential candidates about your opportunities and products step by step. All you need is use an automated system providing online information, which will be excellent work for you 24/7/365. Let the Internet work for you with doubters candidates. By using "smart responder service" on your web site you will be in contact with all your candidate list throughout all needed time.

  • Expanding the market and gain access to different target groups. Due to the Internet you can build your business anywhere in the world. Moreover, the Internet facilitates the process of sponsoring at large distances and time zones, so tariffs for telephone calls is no longer a problem. Also, by using the Internet, unlike most other media, you can easily go to different target audiences. You can control the advertising process. And in this case, your advertising costs are practically go to zero.

  • Extending search and audience of potential candidates.The search process of new candidates is becoming easier by using the Internet. You will no longer faced with maybe most problem question: "Where can I get people?", because in the Internet you can contact with a much larger number of people and in less time than in "real" life. Simultaneously your web presentation can be watched by hundreds at any time of day.

  • Facilitating and accelerating the process of candidates sorting and qualification. By using the Internet it much easier to carry out "sorting" of potential candidates. Once the candidates will look at your site, they will know exactly what is your business, and whether they want to join it. You will be not hear "no" thrown in your face. You spend your precious time on the telephone only with candidates who are really interested. You are entering into negotiations only with those who had already learned everything they need to know to make a decision and are ready to take action.

  • Simplifying the duplication process. Duplicate your web site is much easier than duplicate you. Your candidate will see how easy to do business with help of website — it's the same way how he found you. Duplication in action!

  • Simplifying the process of training distributors. Internet allows you to create a unified educational system that may be duplicating on many levels. Every distributor in your organisation have access to all training materials in any moment. You don't need to explain same things to each of your distributors. You can just send them a link with starter traning or recorded leadership updates. Live tranings from top leaders and video archive of previous company event can help you not only teach your new distributors but also maintain their posture and motivation. It's esiest way to support large network even if you have not any previous expirience in network marketing. This method provide your success and multiple business expansion. Also, the Internet becomes easier to communicate with the distributors in your organization, living in different time zones, — you save money on phone calls and can sleep as long as you needed even then your people make business in all 24 time zones.

  • 24/7/365.Your site tells about your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your site is never have a flue and it's never tired. Your candidates will always see the same excellent presentation. You can take a rest or spend your time with family, but in a same time your site will be working for you.

    New opportunities

    Internet bring new opportunities for enhanced communication in addition to traditional: mobile phone, fax and mail. Leaders actively communicate with each other via e-mail, and are increasingly use international telephony, and Internet technologies: ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Skype. Indeed, why spend money when you can free chat, make a voice or even video calls with any number of people from different cities and countries?

    Unfortunately, many leaders in MLM is only now started to learn about the possibilities that Internet users had long considered routine. Therefore, today more than ever necessary to develop new technologies to keep pace with time and remain competitive. Today, those leaders of MLM, which have not yet come to the Internet, begin to significantly lag behind those who have long been using new technologies. Also, it is clear that competition and the market demand will make everyone involved in any business (including MLM) to use the Internet in their work.

    Doing MLM business by online requires no investment for purchase or rental office, which allows to save a considerable amount of money every month. You do not need to be tied in office from 8.00 to 20.00. You have not been "knocked out" during holidays or illness, because you can communicate with partners or customers while you travel in the train, seating in your apartment or taking holiday abroad. All you need is a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet.

    Today every MLM leader must have a global web "home" or "office". And what it would be — a basement on the outskirts of the city or a beautiful mansion with several floors in the center — will affect on their business. Those who already have their "office" well aware of this. More and more networkers understands what a beautiful assistant can be their personal website, which helps attract potential partners, educate and raise professional level of their distributors.

    Site — is not a whim but useful tool

    Network Marketing — is a business of sorting and mining statistics. However, most distributors never talk about business with more than 100 people per year. This is a reason of most failures in MLM. So the question remains relevant to use the site as a tool that increases the number of contacts with other people.

    Today the site go from a luxury, a prestigious toy to one of the major marketing tool. Thanks to the site you inform the world community of your presence on the market and are forming a favorable attitude toward their proposals. In fact, your site is your virtual office that open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide comprehensive information to your candidates.

    Where can you get a suitable web site? There are three options:

    1. Create a website with your own hands.

      This requires at least some basic skills in programming, publishing, design and copywriting. In addition, to create a website you will need to spend a lot of time and effort that otherwise could be directed to the development of your organization. Financial costs will also be rather big, because you have to pay for hosting, domain name and services of third-party companies, for example, service promotion and automatic mailings.

    2. Order website in professional web design studio.

      The idea is not so bad, but definitely not cheap. Exclusive website, like all exclusive, cost a pretty penny: it would cost between $1000-2000 and above.

    3. Order a replicable personal website on

      Business web-portal — it's a special website system for Agel distributors. Cost of maintain personal account on our server is very cheap (so literally any of your distributors can afford it) and it's just $27 per year! And we are also offer substantial discounts if you have a plan to use our services longer then a year.

      At the core of whole concept was posed a principle of duplicating and automatization the process of building a business, so to use this tool, you need only add on this web site your contact information, insert a picture (optional) and personal history about yourself (also optional). Everything else is configured automatically with an indication of all personal references and your personal information. After this simple setup you have your own internet address at which you can invite potential partners.

      According to many distributors reviews our portal is maybe the best site about Agel and one of the best distribution sites on the Internet. It allows you to combine your distributors and provide them with complete system, embodying all that is necessary for the recruitment and training. — service description contains all information about company, products, compensation plan, a lot of audio and video materials, the necessary documentation, a virtual office for members with training and recruitment materials and much more. This portal have sites on English, Russian, Spanish, German, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech and French languages.

    Portal is fully automated and personalized for each distributor, and that is allow to build the business in Agel more easily and quickly. It's a professional presentation about Agel business opportunity for the candidates and a simple duplicated system for distributors.

    Index of sites included in the unified system of web-portal

    List of duplicated web-sites — team-portal with duplicated websites system. — duplicated website for prospects recruiting. — duplicated website for Agel presentations. — Enlish site. — Italian site. — Russian site. — Spanish site. — German site. — Polish site. — Lithuanian site. — French site. — Czech site.

    Portal Benefits

    Duplicated sites. Each members of get into their hands a powerful tool for building and developing business through the Internet with professional multilingual personalized website. This system was created to automatize your business as much as possible. You may use your personal website as an electronic business card, promote it by phone, email and so on, print web-address on brochures, coupons, business cards, or promote it through the Internet.

    Professional presentation of the business. Your personal site tells to your candidates about Agel products and business opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not need to be an expert — let your website do all hard and routine work. All you need to do — is send your candidates to your personal website. Your professional website makes your business in Agel quick and easy.

    Multilanguage. Our site presented on several major languages, which number will grow over time. Any language version of your site will attract many potential partners and clients from all over the world. Your business will go up to the international level, so you will be able to find customers and distributors in more than 60 countries there Agel doing business.

    Business system. You not need to be a rocket scientist to build this business. You also not need to invest serious money to begin it. You do not need to abandon what you doing now to grow your business in Agel. If you have a dream strong enough to make your life and life of your family and friends better then you can achive success. All you need to do for this — is take action and follow out step-by-step system.

    How to place an order for your own ATeamCentral.Info accout:

    1. Go to this link "Order site". You will see a page with order form.

    2. Choose "Register new account" (default settings).

    3. Fill this margins:

      • Your Agel ID.

      • Desired name for site (like ""). Only English letters, digits (0-9) and "-" symbol (hyphen) are allowed.

      • You First and Last name, Email (please check it!), cellphone number, address (country and city).

      • Period of account activity (select a period from 1 to 5 years). Where is discount depending by the order period: than larger the period then higher the discount. Later account always can be extended.

      • Preffered method of payment. Payment instruction also will be send on your Email.

    4. Please check entered information again, and then click "Checkout".

    5. That's all! All you need to do is follow payment instruction and transfer funds to complete your order. Your new website will be ready within 48 hours after receipt of payment.

    6. You will receive notification about the website creation on Email and/or SMS. Email-notification will contain address of your site, login and password to log into virtual office and instructions how to setting up your account. was created to help you be more succesfull. We can help you realize the dream of having your own website that will lead your business to a new higher level. Use this tremendous potential of modern technology to build your organization in Agel, and you will achieve great success!